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A truly unique experience

Anita Helle is a professional tarot card reader, aura reader, guided medium, and all around spiritual guru.  These gifts have grown and been refined by years of professional readings, not just here in Cape Breton but on a global level.  A reading with Anita will leave you with clarity, insight and hope for your tomorrow.  She has a straight forward, honest approach to her readings that is inspired.  She truly believes that we are all spiritual beings having human experiences.

What's in store for you?

Offering Tarot Readings, Guided Medium Readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Aura Readings, and Aura Drawings.

I was so comfortable coming, it was like going to your home for a reading. - Rose

You read my mom and predicted my birth. - Leslie

Anita was Honest, and caring.  She keeps it real and I felt safe.  - Jodie

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