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Anita Helle has been a Spiritual being for as long as she can remember. Her gifts as a Psychic and Medium has lead her down a path where she has been blessed to help people around the world.  Also certified in Meditation, and a Reiki Master, She can truly help with Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

Scott Helle has had a deep need to help people with over 17 years in Emergency Services, a Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, and a Hypnotherapist.  He is committed to seeing you unleash your potential.   

Our Space

Located in the heart of Whitney Pier, at 187 Bay Street, we went back to our roots.  Anita's family is from the Pier and she has always considered this home. We are blessed to be sharing a space with CB Holistic.  Bright, Clean, Peaceful.

Life Coaching
Healing Crystals

Anita and Scott are so kind they treat me like family. - Rachel

Inspired Wellness is so cozy, I was nervous going until I got there.  The atmosphere is so inviting. - Helen

I stopped in to buy some healing crystals, and will be going back to check out some of the services.  Awesome People! - Jessica

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